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Clark and Sacajawea - The Untold Love Story
Clark and Sacajawea- the Untold Love Story

Her name was SACAJAWEA - at least thatís what she became known by after the white men looking for the great waters to the West renamed her. Her life is an enigma. In the journals of history, her life with Lewis and Clark gives us just a glimpse of one of the greatest women explorers of all time, yet very little is known about her life...UNTIL NOW.

Born as Chenoa and told in her own voice, this compelling romance novel about the Native American princess that came to be known as Sacajawea reveals the trials, passions, and romantic untold adventures of this famous early American woman explorer. A sweeping tale of one of America's most courageous women, written by another real life Native American princess, this riveting, sensual book revolves around her romantic interest in William Clark and quickly engulfs its reader.

Beginning with the peaceful childhood she knew growing up in the Lemhi mountains of central Idaho, the young Chenoa returns from riding one morning just in time to witness a vicious attack on her familyís village. Hiding from what she thinks is a safe distance, the young teenager is watched by dark figures skulking in the forest shadows with evil intent. Her courageous heart and fearless determination sustain her through the brutally, mind numbing scenes she has just witnessed, and the physical challenges she experiences after her kidnapping by the men who ravaged her village and killed her family.

Taken by her captors to the land of the Three Forks of the Great River called the Missouri, the young girl is traded into bondage to a white French fur trader by the name of Charbonneau, a tyrannical man whom she learns to fear and despise. The young Chenoa eventually learns his French language, then uses her recently acquired gift to persuade the French fur trader to hire on with a group that is heading west. With the hope of escaping and returning to her native people, she convinces the hard drinking, French fur trader and gambler who claims to be her husband to join this band of voyagers assigned by President Thomas Jefferson to explore the lands newly acquired from the French in the Louisiana Purchase.

When told by Charbonneau that his young pregnant wife is a Shoshone princess, one of the group's leaders is persuaded that his need for horses to cross the mountains in the West could be met by the Shoshone tribe she comes from. The handsome leader referred to as Captain Clark soon falls under the spell of this lovely Shoshone woman, Despite tremendous adversity, their courage, determination, and love for one another helps forge the future of a new nation.

Deeply engrossing, CLARK and SACAJAWEA - the Untold Love Story combines rich storytelling with believable historical characters into a valuable achievement of modern fiction: a personal look into the discovery of the American northwest through the eyes of Chenoa - the captivatingly beautiful native American princess that history was later to remember as....SACAJAWEA. We truly believe you will enjoy reading it!

Originally written to commemorate the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, commanded by Captains Lewis and Clark.CLARK and SACAJAWEA - the Untold Love Story, ideally suited for the general reader, is an action filled, sensually entertaining, energetically engrossing view of this epic journey of discovery, and the life of the woman most responsible for its success. Through the eyes of SACAJAWEA and the men in her life, one can experience all the excitement, passion, adversity, and sense of wonder as the group encounters romance, adventure, and awe-inspiring physical beauty, wildlife, and Native American cultures.

This timely novel is a wonderful and inspiring reminder of the skill and bravery of the woman without whom Lewis and Clark would never have lived to tell us about their now famous journey across the young American frontier.

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The first four chapters of CLARK and SACAJAWEA - the Untold Love Story, were released to rave reviews. If you like steamy romance and passion with history you wonít want to miss it! Check out our book now, or just wander around and find out more about our upcoming releases. Oh, and donít forget to enter our latest contest while youíre here!

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