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Clark and Sacajawea- the Untold Love Story

The granddaughter of a Native American chief, I grew up in and around the Cherokee mountains of North Carolina, and as a teenager became a fan of the romance genre. Whenever I ran out of my own books to read, Iíd borrow romance books from my friends, often dreaming of becoming a romance writer or professional dancer. I was an outgoing, energetic, person, so reading romantic stories helped occupy my active imagination and fuel my passion for adventure. By the time I was in high school, my active life as captain of the cheerleading squad and dance partner in a ballet duet gave me little time to pursue my romance novel reading. During high school, my greatest dream was to become a world famous ballerina, but a broken ankle from an accident during a performance in New York City cut short my dancing career.

A few years of adolescent rebellion followed my accident and I spent the next fifteen years of my life kissing many frogs in search of my prince. Before I turned to writing, I spent a lot of time working to pay the bills, while trying to get the confidence to fulfill my passion for writing. Afraid of the financial uncertainty associated with being a writer and totally unconvinced that I had enough talent to earn a living at writing, I reviewed my options and decided working in real estate sales was the career path for me. I love people so sales came easily to me, but my heart was still on writing and finding the man that would become my eternal partner and protector.

Fast forward to fall of 2002 when I finally met my Prince Charming, but first only through his writing. Thatís right, we didnít meet in person until months later, but during that time it became obvious to me that he was the soulmate I had searched for all my life. With his guidance, constant attention, and undying support, I was finally inspired and focused enough to give my writing dream a chance, so I sat down and wrote my first romance novel over the next 7 months. In retrospect, it was my most difficult exercise to date, but I believe the results have been well worth the effort. Thanks to the inspiration and support of my handsome man, I was able to draw upon my own feelings to complete this first book that now feels so much a part of my life.

The past year of trying to balance the demands of motherhood with writing has convinced me that I need to set priorities everyday in order to stay focused on the three things that mean the most to me- my romantic leading man, my children, and my writing. Whenever Iím not cooking meals or writing, Iím planning my next adventure or traveling with my Prince Charming. I consider everything I do as research for my next book, and someday hope to have my books outsell at least one of my two favorite romance writers, Danielle Steel or Nora Roberts!

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The first four chapters of Clark and Sacajawea - the Untold Love Story were just released in fall of 2004, so you can get the first four chapters online now. If you like history, passion, and steamy romance, you wonít want to miss it!

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